Saturday, November 17, 2007

On My Kids (stream of conciousness)

So it's been almost a week, which is too long to leave a blog sitting in the wide wide interweb. I know better. But its school. Its distracting. Teaching, sometimes, owns me in the best possible way. Here's a bit I scribbled down about my kids a few days ago.

They are all named Sophie and Alex or Katie and Ben. They are earnest in everything they feel. Their world moves fast, but every moment seems as large as a lifetime. They are invincible, immortal, infallible.

They are silly and loud, sullen and quiet. I love them unconditionally in a way that sometimes feels impossible.

They hate the reading. The love the reading. Will I please, just this once, give them a break? Will I please, just this once, push them harder?

They are in love. They are overwhelmed. They are anxious and scared. They want me to tell them how special they are, how everything is going to turn out okay.

They drink too much. They drive too fast. They are sometimes the most compassionate people I have ever met.

They drive me insane. They invade my dreams. I hear them when I am falling asleep. They are entitled to me; to my advice and my counsel, to my time.

They make art that makes my heart catch in my throat. They write beautiful poetry. Sometimes they turn in projects that I talk about for weeks. They don't always believe me when I tell them so.

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